Welcome. Here you will find the finest hand crafted  sheaths. We use only the highest quality leather money can buy.

We cut all the components by hand before pre-treating our leather to make it weather resistant as well as keeping it supple. Once the sheath is dyed and assembled it's hand stitched. We use what's called  "saddle stitching". This produces a much better, and a longer lasting stitch than machine stitching. Once the sheath is completed we apply 2 coat's of Leather conditioner. Before sending it out its inspected twice to make sure it's perfect.

***Starting on October 27, 2017 most single orders will only take up to 4 weeks***

We can also take a 50% deposit on most items if it makes it easier on you.

And if you don't see what you're looking for contact us. We will customize a sheath for any knife.